As a young thirteen year old, Wassim Omran began working for his father's large construction company. Wassim later founded HomeMax after working in the construction business for over twenty years.

      In 1984, he graduated with Honors from George Washington University with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and an M.S. degree in Public Works Engineering. Wassim went on to work as a Project Manager for the company U.S. Development.

      In 1988, he established his own company, Pathfinder Associates, which was a partnership between him and a college friend. Two years later, the company became Class A-Licensed (BLD), and was handling a variety of large projects. Wassim managed the construction of many custom homes, residential additions, renovations, and commercial properties in and around the D.C. Metropolitan area. He can be contacted at:

Project Samples: Pinecrest Avenue, McLean, VA. Ingeborg Court, McLean, VA. Pathfinder Lane, McLean, VA. St. Albans Road, McLean, VA . Sorrel Street, McLean VA. Maya Court, Vienna, VA. Ingleside Avenue, Mclean, VA. Inglewood Drive, Potomac, MD. Iron gate Road, Potomac, MD. Sorrel Avenue, Potomac, MD. Complete renovation of an Embassy. Complete renovation of the Vantage Inn in Snowshoe, WV.